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I cant be without you because girl you complete me.. :/

Feeling like shit and i really need you right now… fml. Goodnight

Crying all morning is a great way to start off the day

I woke up at 3 >.> And i cant go back to bed.. so im just sitting here thinking. About you, us. And i just cant seem to ever stop feeling like im doing something wrong.. i love you more than anything and i try so hard not to fuck up.. not to do stupid things around you.. but i come home, i lay down, and i always feel like i fucked up somehow.. while im laying here, i just want to be in your arms, i want to have a day were it is just us.. somewhere quiet and no one else around. no interuptions.. somewhere we can lay and just look at each other in complete silence.. and we would just feel like its only us in the world.. but we all have our dreams..

Ha! What the fuck ever.. Liars <3